14. Mai 2013

Book Review: "Integral Revovery" by John Dupuy

- reviewed by Dennis Wittrock

Let's be clear, "Integral Recovery - A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction" is nothing short of that: revolutionary. And I mean not just for addicts and treatment providers. This book has the potential to inspire you to completely change your lifestyle and set you on the life-long path to mastery. His adapted version of Integral Life Practice, called Integral Recovery Practice, is an ingenious blueprint for loosening the deadly grip of the disease of addiction, recovering one's dignity as human being, and eventually discovering that the limit of our potential for growth and continuing evolution is literally infinite.

John Dupuy
John Dupuy unpacks, what is probably the single greatest gift that "our beloved addicts"(as he affectionately calls his clients) can reveal to the world: the utter urgency of the choice between death or passionate practice. This is dead-on (pun intended). The good news for the average reader is: you don't have to suffer from a terminal, progressive disease like addiction to embark upon the path of fierce and serious practice to unlock your full potential in service of the whole. No, like John and his team you are invited to cross the isolating addict /non-addict divide and simply join the community of integral practitioners beyond that.

By founding his work on the groundbreaking Integral Theory work of Ken Wilber, John Dupuy arrives at the first truly holistic addiction treatment, that touches all the important bases, fully honoring (among others) traditional AA approaches, cutting-edge brain (and meditation) science, post-modern therapeutic techniques, work with the family and systemic factors, etc., etc. The breadth and depth of the Integral Recovery toolkit is truly breathtaking, just like the passion and compassion of the author, who's been in the trenches of this work for decades.

From my background of spending over a decade in the Integral Movement, I see Integral Recovery as one of the few shining examples of putting Integral theory to practice in order to make a real difference in the world, in this case: literally saving lives. This is huge. And it is an inspiration to seriously apply integral to more fields of human endeavor. Let's roll up our sleeves and practice.

John Dupuy shares his experiences and expertise in a very accessible and lucid style, deeply human and personal, full of witty quips, funny episodes, inspiring quotes, vivid metaphors and uplifting stories. It is a stimulating, surprising, educating and entertaining book.

On a more personal note: John, I love you and you are one of my dearest friends (something I am really proud of), but I am sorry to say: your book on recovery from addiction is totally addictive! I laughed, I cried, I was heartbroken, inspired and I simply couldn't put your book aside. I can testify what you say about practice, because I have seen the powerful transformations in you over the years I know you. You walk your talk, more than any other integral teacher I've met so far. To me you're an example of a living bodhisattva, very human, but nevertheless dedicated to divine service with every fiber of your body. I am very grateful to have you as a friend and I am curiously looking forward to getting to know the next higher version of yourself - you totally rock!

www.integralrecovery.org | www.profoundmeditationprogram.com 

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